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Over the years, I have had many conversations with people about how difficult it often is to find and buy a gift for someone special – particularly for people who seem to have all they need! 

In my experience, people have often given the gift of my concert tickets or CDs - or even a full House Concert, which takes place in their own home (or appointed venue), just for their close friends and family. 

Recently, many of you have asked if it is possible to buy a “Personal Video” of a special/favourite Ben Sands song for a partner, friend or family member; or just for yourself!   

This might be for a Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas or other Special Occasion – or for no particular reason at all!    

Over recent weeks, this idea has really caught the imagination, and many people have already joined in!  

The idea is that I film a short Video, especially for you, or for someone special in your life.  

The Video will include a unique version of your favourite Ben Sands song, plus a personal greeting from me – and whatever else might come into my mind spontaneously. 

Under the “working title” of “SONG GIFT”, the price from 1 January 2022 is €60 (euro) - or more, if it means more to you!  

If this is something that might be of interest to you - or to someone you know - please write me a mail to  and we can discuss it further!  

I look forward to hearing from you!