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Chocolate And Other Stories: SCD...
  • Chocolate And Other Stories: SCD...
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Recorded in Spring Recording studios, Rostrevor, February 2020. 11 New Tracks, including one instrumental and 10 Songs.

  1. This Road That I'm On
  2. Come In, Sit Down and Warm Your Heart
  3. The Bus to Berlin
  4. Do it For Love - words & music by Sands, Craig & Willoughby
  5. Another Story Altogether
  6. The Back Road
  7. The Witch and The Troubadour
  8. Chocolate
  9. Blue Glasses - words & music by Sands & Wagenbreth
  10. Carlingford
  11. I'm Comin' Your Way

All tracks: Words & Music by Ben Sands except where stated.

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Good Evening, Guten Abend: SCD...
  • Good Evening, Guten Abend: SCD...
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Remix, limited edition.

Second edition of the much loved "homely" album, recorded in Manne Wagenbreth's little Leipzig apartment over two days in 2008.

  1. Good evening, guten Abend
  2. Back among friends again
  3. Ännchen von Tharau
  4. No telliing (what a love song can do)
  5. The whistlin' gypsy/Drei Zigeuner 
  6. Der nächste Dampfer
  7. Lady, take your time
  8. Nach der Schlacht
  9. The Winds are singing freedom/Die Gedanken sind frei 10.Presto/Bevor        
  10. Better Already
  11. Wenigstens
  12. The Japanese Hornpipe
  13. In Berlin
  14. Böhmischer Wind
  15. Hug
  16. In 50 Jahren
  17. Bye Bye love
  18. The games people play 
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In Berlin: SCD...
  • In Berlin: SCD...
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1.Introduction (auf Deutsch) 2. Among Friends
3. Hello from Ben
4. Good to be Home
5. Back on the Diet
6. Kellie's Song 7. Guitar Jig
8. Ghost
9. Hug
10. Better Already
11. Whistle Tunes 12. In Berlin
13. I'm Glad it was You
14. Green Eyes
15. Gypsy Rover
16. The Summer time is Coming

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Take My Love With You: SCD 1060
  • Take My Love With You: SCD 1060
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  1. Who knows?
  2. Take My Love With You (Kellie's Song)
  3. It's very good to see You
  4. Accordion
  5. Twilight in Tangen
  6. Song On the Road
  7. Ronan won't be phonin' any more
  8. There's no time like the Present
  9. Most almost always (I think of you)
    10.Coffee and Cheesecake
  10. Ghost in the House
  11. Rainbow Days and Firework Nights
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Better Already: SCD 1050
  • Better Already: SCD 1050
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Produced by Johnny Scott in 2003, includes the oft-recorded and requested "Hug".

  1. Among Friends Again
  2. Wish I Had a Penny
  3. Writing a Song for You
  4. Daisies for Dara/Katie's in Clover (Jigs)
  5. Renovation (Lonely & Low)
  6. Fair Exchange
  7. Better Already
  8. Farewell to the Town
  9. Wedding Daze
  10. I Wonder ...
  11. Hug (We All Need a Hug)
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Roots & Branches: SCD 1043
  • Roots & Branches: SCD 1043
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  1. Good to be Home
  2. Back on the Diet on Monday
  3. In Berlin
  4. The Verdant Braes of 'screen
  5. My Mother Won't Let me Marry Set (Jigs)
  6. Green Eyes
  7. The Games People Play
  8. The Whistling Gypsy
  9. First Christmas Away from Home
  10. The Fairy Thorn
  11. Going to Morrow
  12. Carry this Torch (Like I Used to Do)
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Take Your Time: SCD 1029
  • Take Your Time: SCD 1029
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  1. I'm Glad it was You
  2. Lady, Take Your Time
  3. Cove Tuesday
  4. Willie Archer (Banks of The Bann)
  5. Hawks and Eagles
  6. Come Tomorrow
  7. Breakfast in Bremen
  8. Supermarket Wine
  9. Jigs - Kellie's Return/Ryanne's Pony
  10. Belfast Mountains
  11. Goodbye John Joe
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