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... is an Irish Singer, Songwriter, Musician and Storyteller living in Newry, County Down

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  • Oct 14
    Greifswald, Germany 17489 Greifswald
  • Oct 15
    Ueckermünde, Germany 17373 Ueckermünde
  • Oct 21
    Berlin-Spandau 13597 Berlin
  • Oct 22
    Jena, Germany 07743 Jena
  • Oct 29
    Neustrelitz, Germany 17235 Neustrelitz

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Thanks for your concert last Friday in Freudenberg. It was wonderful.
Yeah! I red in your "Dates" the concert in Kreuz & Quer Landau! Its great! And I managed it...Im very proud of me!!! ;-)
Dear Ben, happy to hear from the new album. I just ordered it. We met 5 years ago in Lauffen/Neckar at the Irish pub. Now we live near Aachen and waiting for a concert near to us. Mery christmas for you and your family and great sucess for the concerts in Berlin.
Hi I just given my self a Christmas gift, i've just ordered your new cd, looking foreward to receive new Music from you, your Music is always GREAT, Thank you. Happy Christmas and all the Best to you. Kind regards Peter
My dear, I've just ordered your new CD and am looking forward on *she* :D very much ... I wish you and yours a blessed time heartfelt wishes and a big hug ROSI xox
Hi Ben! Just I ordered the new CD! Im looking forward for it! Its a great christmas-gift I will give by myself! Many greetings an a big hug from Landau! Merry christmas for you and your family!
Hello Ben! Thank you for this wonderfull evening in the "Kunst-Kate" in Hamburg-Volksdorf. Bärbel has a good eye for great artists. Hope to see you next year on the same place. We wish you and your familie a good christmastime and a great new year.
Lovely to meet you, Claudia - with the other Bärbel and Berndt! I very much enjoyed the concert in Volksdorf, too - and I hope to see you there again next year! Hugs x Ben
Dear Ben, thanks so much for giving this awesome concert at Bernd & Bärbels Kate in Hamburg -Volksdorf on Friday eve... ! After a hard days work I got lost in your voice and stories and I really enjoyed listening and singing along very much!! Hope you'll be back??! hugs ... Claudia
I love Sir Samuel Ferguson's poem The Fairy Thorn. While researching critical writings of his work, I stumbled upon your recording of The Fairy Thorn! Thank you - it's lovely and evokes the Ulster rhythm and vibes I love. your friend in the USA
Many thanks, Steve! All the very best from up here to down there!
Hi Ben Love the music especially the Irish ballads, your music is not only funny but has a sense getting you in touch of what is real to us and our experiences of the past. Keep them coming. Steve Sims (Australia)
Many thanks, Connie! Indeed it was a great night - I enjoyed it immensely!
P.S. Your lovesong in the First Part was the best! Had tears in my eyes......
Hey Ben! Thanks for a Great evening in BREDENBECK!
What time is the concert in Ballycastle tonight
Thank you and all the Sands young and not so young for a fantastic feast of music last night at "fiddler's green" Ros5revor.You are a very talented musician and singer. Christine
Hi Dag Arne! Looking forward to catching up with good Norwegian friends at the weekend in Oslo and Tangen!
We do lookin forward to have you back in Norway dear Ben. A lot of fans here become wery pleased when they heard, you will be back ton old friends again!!
Great to see you, Anja & Martin - indeed it was a lovely evening in Schlosskirche Köpenick, thanks for coming - and for the Cheesecake! Lecker!
Dear Ben. What a great evening yesterday in Koepenick! We had a lot of fun and enjoyed your performance as often before. We are always looking forward to seeing you again and chat a bit. Stay as you are! Hope to see you soon. All the best! Anja & Martin
Hello Ben, thank you for a realy wunderful evening, yesterday. I'm the friend of Stefan and gave you a ittle help with the PA. The evening was amazing and my friends and i had have enjoyed your concert in Waxweiler. I have to say that your german is much better than the english of the most german people. You have a nice humor, too. I hope that you had have fun and enjoyed the envening as much as i did. So i can say only, we wish you all the best and thank you so much.
Hi, see you on 14-03-2015 in Waxweiler. Grüsse aus Reiff Germany, Lijdia
Dear Ben. We were happy to meet you again last Friday evening and of course it was worth to come the way from Berlin to Dresden for your performance :-). Hope, you arrived safely in Berlin yesterday. See you soon. Take good care! Anja & Martin
Hi Ben glad you are doing so well here and also Berlin. Yours songs are amazing keep up the good work. Hope you liked the wee piggies LOL!!!
Dear Ben, thank you for your great performance yesterday, I really enjoyed it ! Hope to see you soon :) Benita
I look forward to meeting you there too, Nicole and Mirco!
We are so excited and really looking forward to meet you in Burscheid soon! Bleib gesund bis dahin ;-) Nicole & Mirco
Hi Anja & Martin! Great to see you in Oranienburg! The cheesecake chocolate disappeared very quickly! Take good care bis bald Ben
Dear Ben, We very much enjoyed the evening with you in Oranienburg! Thanks so much for singing the Cheesecake Song for me! Hope, you liked the cheesecake chocolate :-). We like your songs, your voice and your humor very much. As soon as possible we will come to one of your next concerts! All the best for you and Merry Christmas!
kochana dziewczyna w okulary ,,, może spotkamy się w Polsce! Najlepsze życzenia, Ben
Thanks for your compliment =) I think it's not possible to see you again because we were on a one day trip. We're from Poland.
Dear 'Girl in Glasses' Great to see you and your friends yesterday - thanks for your kind words! Maybe we meet at a concert soon! Compliments on your English! Alles Gute, Ben
Yesterday I was in Berlin in Arkaden on Potsdamer Platz. I and my two friends saw you singing and we fell in love with your music. We were sitting on your left. You asked if we want to sing with you but we couldn't because we didn't knew any of yours songs and we were meeting our teachers in ten minutes... =( that was so nice of you =) your voice is so magical and hypnotyzing and it was a big pleasure to hear you there. We where there only 20 to 30 minutes and we were not going to leave if we weren't meeting our teachers. We enjoyed it very very much. Thank you =)
We just wanted to say how much we enjoyed last night at The Mucky Duck, Flint, North Wales. It was the first time we have seen you and hope it won't be the last. What a great talent you have. Loved the HUGS too. XX
I've just recently been told that the option of leaving a comment here has been inadvertently "switched off" for a while! So now I've switched it on again - be gentle!!! Ben
Just heard "I'm Glad It Was You" on a stream out of Ireland - great song. I'm a Fort Worth, Texas based Irish/American folkie and I'm going to have to work it up and put it in the set. I'll pick-up the disc over here, and, I'm sure I'll like more of your stuff as well. What a talented family to be a part of. Cheers to you.
Congratulaions Barbara and Ben, Another great concert in aid of 'Leukaemia Research'- Barbara always greatly appreciates the support from guest Entertainers and the Audience who make it all possible. Barbara was able to send a cheque to the charity for over £1000 pounds, wonderful.
Hi Alan Drop me a line to ... see what can be done about that Coffee and Cheesecake! All the best Ben
hi ben, love your music, bit of a mad question for ya, i'm starting to play the guitar and my fav song of yours is coffee and cheesecake, i can't find the chord for this song and was wondering if you could help me out.
Hi: I thought I would include a message in your guestbook, so I would be immortalized. Wish you were with us in beautiful Santa Barabra. The mountains and foilage are lovely. The Lotus garden was exceptional.
Hi Michael Great to see you and Andrea too - and other Lintorf friends! I look forward to the next time! All the very best Ben
Hi Ben, we're so glad we could be with you in Lintorf tonight. Wonderful concert. We like your music and yourself, too. Please come back soon, we will bring all our friends. Have fun! Andrea and Michael
Hello Ben, Hello Barbara, It was great to be able to join you again this year for another concert in aid of 'Leukaemia Research' in Newry. We understand a substantial amount of money was raised for the fund 'Congratulations Barbara' also 'Well Done to Ben and Friends for a wonderful evenings entertainment.
It was a pleasure to listen to you. I like your stories and the sensitive texts of your songs, and of course your humor. Thank you for the unforgetable evening in the "Keller of Wiesentheid", Kreis Kitzingen ;-)
Thank you Ben for the wonderful evening in the "Keller of Wiesentheid" I like your songs and stories. Your "deutsch" isn´t so bad :-) I hope, you can collet many "Umarmungen"
Hello Ben! It was a wonderful evening in Kreuz und Quer at 2.March 2012! I enjoyed your songs and stories! Many greetings from the lady with the green eyes!! ;-)
Hey :)! Like Michael (Klatt) said already below it was an amazing evening with you - you made it perfect with your songs and stories! Thank you so much, Heike P.S.: Are you already in Denmark?
hi Good evening Ben ,wow so good 2 hear from u ,so glad we r freinds have a good blessed night God be with u all yur NORTH CAROLINA FRIEND PAT
Hi Ben, we loved the as we say Wohnzimmer-Konzert (livingroom concert) last Saturday. We enjoyed your performance very much and singing with you was fantastic. We are looking forward to May 11th. Andrea & Michael
Hi MR BEN wow how its great hearing from u all,here n north carolina its wind snowing & turning colder so good hearing from u Christian brother ,yur christian friend pat hawks,lowgap nc
The gifts of Christmas are many, but friendship is the nicest of all. Hi Ben, to wish you a merry Christmas Day, and a year that´s bright in every way. All the best and a big hug from your Northern Lights from Delmenhorst Inge and Jürgen. We hope, we see you next year. Best wishes for Anne, Colum and Tommy.
Hi Ben How great to see you in the East Midlands on your recent mini-tour. I enjoyed your concert at Bingham where you appeared to be so at ease and welcomed by the whole audience, a great evening! I also really enjoyed your concert at the Guildhall in Leicester, a very haunted place, and loved it when you sang the Ghost in This House song, very fitting. What a wonderful setting! You drew the audience out beautifully and had them all singing at the end, once more, stories and songs of your life were enthralling and enjoyable. I look forward to your next visit to this part of the world and who knows, you may even find time to visit Lincoln, explore the hill and the flatland and engage a whole new audience. I look forward to this happening, perhaps in 2012?
Hi Ben, well done! you are making me addicted to yourself. i'm so happy that i found this site. i wish your cds were available in Iran and i could buy all your works at once. you're great. be safe. a.
Hello Mr. Sands!! I recently discovered your incredible music via Jango. Its so beautiful and soothing, I can't get enough of it. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift with us all.
Hi Ben Great to see you when I travelled to Fiddlers Green Festival in Rostrevor to see the Sands Family closing the Festival. You and the rest of the family were in top form. The audience certainly appreciated the music, songs and stories. I look forward to seeing you later in the year, both on your own tour and with others in 'In Love With the Dance' in Newark and Leicester.
Wish I could say how much I enjoyed the show - which I know I would - but that's for future time. I will say, however, I have listened to several of your songs and I really like what you do - the words and the tunes. I will take more time to listen again soon.
just got your email. not sure who you are? are you anything to Bobby Sands? What type of music do you play? Country Irish Or other?
Hi Ben Really enjoyed your show with US Choir and Musicians and Kevin Conneff in St Anne's Cathedral! Very moving - well done! G.D.
Hello Ben, What a superb concert the capacity audience were treated to last night in Armagh; the Sands Family musicians and songsters at their very best! The well sequenced blend of music, song, storytelling and natural humour, all incorporating a fascinating journey through the natural evolvement of life's journey, was an absolute pleasure to behold; so thoroughly professional in its overall presentation and yet so relaxed and enjoyable in its delivery. And what superb musical backing for every number; so skilful and delightful throughout. (Never forget to take that mandolin with you wherever you go!) Little wonder the truly appreciative audience spontaneously stood applauding in genuine acknowledgement at the end of the show. Congratulations on a magnificent show that only the Sands Family could deliver with such aplomb. Please convey our thanks to Ann, Tommy and Colum, and indeed yourself, for such an entertaining evening. Brian and Sheila Toal.
Many thanks, Anton - to you, Ben, Keith, Colin, John and the whole team there at Folk on the Moor ... your club suited me down to the ground too! ... best singing audience I've encountered for quite a while! Hope to see you all again before too long. All the best with all the music. Ben
Hi Ben Great to see you are making your way back to the East Midlands in the Autumn. We look forward to meeting you again and sharing your wonderful music and stories. I hope you are enjoying your tour in the south of the country at the moment.
Thanks for a great evening at Folk on the Moor last night - you created a wonderful atmosphere and your songs and personality suited the club down to the ground! Enjoy you stay in Devon!
Hi Ben, Wonderful to connect again, i am still so grateful to your help with Dreamfield. We are settled in well and building bits as we can. The place is filled with music with the Kids. Love and hugs Heather
Hi there Ben Looking forward to meeting you next Friday Night February 11th 2011 at 8.30 pm when you come to perform in our community centre here in Drumconrath, Navan Co Meath. We are very busy preparing for this event and we hope that you will enjoy been here with us again. See you then. Eileen
Hi Ben Wondering when you will be back in Lincolnshire. The last time I saw you was a wonderful evening in Bingham. Hope you and Barbara will be back over to see us all soon.
Dear Ben, I am a big fan of yourself and your music. unfortunately ive not had the priviledge of seeing you perform live yet, but Im sure I will soon. In fact i believe you know my Uncle, Father Jim, of Spalding parish, lincolnshire, and you and your brother did a gig at his some time back. unfortunately I missed it, but i hope you will come back again ! It was my Uncle jim that introduced me to you as he is a big fan! I am a young guitarist myself and I love 'The Cheesecake Song'. I want to learn it so I can play it for my Uncle, Father Jim, and impress him! So please could you send me the chords for that please? I hope to hear from you!
was just amazed at the night we had in Bennigan's Bar in Derry.absolutely brilliant. but as i listened to you and your songs i left that night and thought to myself i am going to write a song. that's probably the best feeling i thought i was going to get until that is i actually finished the song and had it in front of me. i wrote it about the economic climate at present but i didn`t put the chords to the song but as you gave me the inspiration i would like to get feedback to see if it is worth putting music to. Will send by e-mail. Wm. Mc Cready Bennigans Bar Derry. Ireland.
Hi Ben, many thanks for that great concert in Giessen! Enjoyed it - and the new CD -very much. Even learned something: writing songs about cheesecake is much more nutricious than writing songs about diets! ;0) Best wishes Stefan
Hi Ben, Having left Ireland (Armagh)many years ago, I still listen to Gerry Anderson, who features you regularly. I remember way back -late 60's/ early 70's when the Sands family played in a Dundalk bar....truly amazing - I can picture the gig quite clearly after all these years! Not sure if you would have been one of the 'younger' performers at that time. I'm about to retire and move back to either the UK or Ireland, so I will make an effort to catch a performance soon! p.s. I'm not the Damien Kelly who left a message earlier.
Hi Ben, thank you foe the great evening in Munich, hope you will do it again. Best wishes to you, and have a funny time in Germany Take good care Michaela
Thanks Ian and Issy! Great to meet up with old and new friends in Dunfermline and Falkirk - and last night in Stonehaven! Take good care Ben
Hi Ben Thanks for a wonderful evening at Falkirk. Happy travelling and may all your gigs be as warm and welcoming. Cheers Ian
Really enjoyed the night at Dunfermline Folk club so nice to hear you in person, love to all the family,, Issyx
Really enjoyed your songs on Pat Kenny this morning. Was driving at the time and had to pull over. The song for your daughter was very moving. Beautiful. Have you any plans to come to Dublin anytime soon. John.
Hi Barry Great to hear from you! Delighted that you sang "Take My Love With You" at Gemma's wedding! Well done - not the easiest of tasks on such an emotional day, as I well know myself! Give my love and best wishes to Gemma. All the very best to you and yours - and greetings too to Gerry B. Ben
Hi Ben my brother in law Gerry Breen sent me your cd "Take my love with you" and suggested I sing "Kellies song" at my daughter Gemma,s wedding celebrated in Antigua last thusday with guests from UK USA Germany and Spain. It was a wonderful success and made Gemma very happy. Thank you for lending it to me.
Enjoyed your chat to-day and songs with Gerry Anderson
Just to say hello. Checking some of your songs. Still the Cheesecake Song (catchy title)
Helllo Ben, I am a musician from Athlone Ireland now living in Los Angeles and would like your permision to record Good Bye Johnjo. Could you advise me on same. Thanking you in anticipation Yours sincerely Padraic Conroy
Lyrics and chords are on the way to you, Lorna ... will have to have a think about music notation! Hope your father sings the song at your sister's wedding! x Ben
hi Would it bepossibe to have the lyrics/music emailed as my sister is getting married and my father is a man of little words! My mother and I listened to the song 'take my love with you', and its perfect! beautiful song.
Well done ben, turned out nice again! . . . (my version of TMLWY would have been a sure fire hit though . . ) lots of love and best wishes for all the family, Tom .
To Paul and others asking for words and chords of "Take My Love With You" - they are now on the Lyrics page on this website! In some browsers the chords and words may not be aligned correctly - in any case feel free to drop me a line. Ben.
I loved hearing you on the Gerry Kelly show this week. The song 'Take my love with you' is really beautiful and I am sending the cd to my son in Oz for his daughter Caitlin. Thanks for the great song.and lyrics. xx
hi ben, would it be possible to mail the chords and lyrics of "take my love with you" to me. it is a beautiful song. thanks. paul doyle
hi ben, would it be possible to e- mail the chords and lyrics of "take my love with you" to me. it is a beautiful song. thanks. paul doyle
Hi Damien Words and Chords on the way! All the very best Ben
hi ben, would it be possible to mail the chords of "take my love with you" to me. it is a beautiful song. thanks. damien kelly
Hi, Ben - perhaps you remember me from Bedlington Folk Club? Heard take my love with you on Saturday night, ordered it on Sunday and had it here on Tuesday! Miss the folk club. All the best to all the family. Kathleen
Hi Ben, got your New CD "Take my Love with you" today. All Songs are great. Gratulation ! Hope you'll sell a lot CDs. It's the best CD you've ever make. The CD took a lot of time, but if it comes to such a phantastic CD - I like to say TAKE YOUR TIME- EVERYTIME. All the Best for you and your family Susanne
i just finished listening to your song " take my love with you " i think it is wonderful
Congratulations on your new cd. Can't wait to get it. Slainte, Rindy
Congrats to your new CD, Ben! The bits and pieces I've listened to so far sound great. And "Take my love with you" almost brought tears to my eyes. Can't wait to see you again - and hopefully we'll get a chance to do something together - some day. Take care, all the best Peter
Ben ..Take my love with you is beautiful ... warm heart felt words to any daughter xxx
Hi Ben, thanks for sharing your new CD, Take my love with you. Any chance of you visiting South Africa as some stage??? Take care and keep on writing wonderful music!!!
music is great...keep-up the good work my tagged friend
"If you follow where your heart leads, one road's right but no roads's wrong" Dear Ben, Thank you so much for your music and friendship. Big Hug_bis bald_Anne
Hi Ben, I just listened to you sing your song The Hug on TV. I loved it.. Very well written and very well performed.
Won't belong now, Ben me lad, that you'll be gracing the far distant shores of the New Founde Lande! Keep an eye out fer our moose! See ya in Woody Point!
Hello Ben I listened to your music and I was most pleasurable.
hi ben i have joined your email site and i have your friendship in facebook take care from yvonne
Who's that handsome guy teasing us with your new CD cover, can't wait to hear the music that will follow! Hugs
I finally listened to one of your songs, and fell in love with it. keep writing and I will keep listening.
hello ben how u from cousin clare
Well, I'm gonna write a letter to Garrison Keillor and say if he is all we got to represent folk music on our high brow public broadcasting station that he needs to dig a little deeper and this ever lovin' well of wonderful music and share that opportunity with some of the best like you guys...
Dear Ben, many thanks for your nice Concert with Maranna and Noel in our Small Town "Eichwalde". We had a lot of Fun with your "Gummiestiefel"-Story. Wish you a good Healthness and God bless you! Best Wishes Thoralf
Do you plan to come to South Africa?
Hello Ben, i found your website and i listen to your songs ------- they are great and i can here this songs in real ---------- i love your voice ---------- thanks take care ------ waiting to hear more from you Marina
Hello Ben This morning I found you have a web site , so I come visited , and I listen your musics ,so beautiful ,you have a beautiful voice and the words of each songs touch my heart ,I wish I can hera you in real , take care , keep smiling ! god bless you !!!
Congratulations Barbara on another successful 'Ben Sands and Friends' concert in aid of Leukaemia Research Fund . A great nights entertainment and after listening to one or two songs from Ben's long awaited new CD we look forward to hearing more. When will it be available? Best wishes
Your music is wonderful...
Really enjoyed your Ben Sands and Friends Concert in Newry! Great show from start to finish. Well done to all - especially yourself - you are getting better! M.T.
Hello Ben me ole we say in Newfoundland. I have your cds, they are wonderful, well sung, great instruments, and a joy to listen to. Keep singing and Kathy and I know your turn will happen one day on the shores of this Newfoundland island off mainland Canada! Cheers~~~bassman mike of
Dear Agnes This song is on the CD "Better Already", which you can buy using PayPal from this website's Buy page or - If you have any problems, please drop me a mail - All the best Ben
Hello, i heard a song recently "We All Need A Hug" I would be so grateful if you could tell me if i can buy this CD. I thought it was the most beautiful song i have heard in years.Thanking you. Agnes
We are a lot of people hwo looking forward to see you up here Ben. "good to have you back"
Good to hear from you, Fidelis ,,, and Debby .... Stand by, I'll see what I can do! x Ben
Hello Ben! Haven't heard many of your songs, but there is one I absolutely love....Hugs. My Granny introduced it to me not too long ago, and I would love to learn it on the guitar and eventually sing it to her. She'd love it. My Granny speaks very highly of you and always has ur CDs playing in her house. We both love the lyrics, hugs are the best medicine, and say more than words could ever! I was wondering if you have time could you please email me the guitar chords? I have searched everywhere for them but can't find them. Thanks for your time Ben. Debby (p.s. great website)
Hi Ben My mum Sadie Laverty from Ardboe is celebrating her 70th birthday in Magherafelt on saturday night. She is a HUGE fan of your music especially the Hug song. Her sister Bernie Quinn has been emailing you lately as well. I was wondering if you were playing anywhere near Magherafelt or Cookstown this weekend as I would love to bring her to hear you live! It would be a great surprise for her. Many thanks.
Great new 'Home' page Ben. Thanks for your New Year wishes, may we take the opportunity to wish your Goodself, Barbara and the family a Happy New year, not forgetting the Lincoln Imp! Catch up with you soon
Hi John No plans at the moment for a visit to Wigan - any suggestions gratefully received. Ben
An bhuil tu ag dull go di Wigan, Lancashire 2010???
On the way, Rolf! Ben
Hi Ben Can you send me please the text of "Breakfast in Bremen" - the CD booklet is destroyed and I cannot read the words any more! Danke Rolf
hello Ben we really enjoyed your show in Lisburn last night. Please don't leave it 2 years before you visit again. Regards J& I
Pauline - I am recording Kellie's Song/Take My Love with You as we speak! Hopefully will be part of a new album before I am too much older! Will keep you informed. Thanks Marian & Brian - great to see you again, had a great time in Bingham, Melton Mowbray, Leicester and all points around! Ben
Hello Ben We have had great feed back after your gig at Bingham folk club. Everyone had a great evening enjoying your music, songs both funny and sensitive and of course your yarn's, all true, we're sure? Pete James the presenter at 103 The Eye radio station spoke highly of you too and enjoyed the full hour you were on air together.
Hi Ben. Have you recorded the song you wrote for your daughter's wedding? Would love someone to sing it at OUR daughter's wedding in February ... but even a recording would be fine. Pauline
Bonjour! hugs CKD
I really enjoyed your performance in The Davy Lamp, Washington! Such a great Club - and you did a wonderful show. Listening to "Better Already" - love it! J.H.
So good to see you back at Bingham on Friday last and in such fine singing form as well. I particularly loved your stories as well as the songs. The song you wrote for your daughter's wedding is supreme, what a lucky girl. I hope you and Barbara come back to see us all soon.
It was a real pleasure to be able to help out with the PA system for your gig at Bingham Folk Club last night - we hope you and Barbara enjoyed the evening as much as we did! Please, come back again very soon!! All the best, Dave & Jon
love your song "Hug" , wishing you continued success.
Great night of song an fun last night in Newtownabbey from you and Gerry Anderson! Sheer entertainment - thank you both! M & J
Thanks a million Ben. We could be singing it soon in Grace Neills!
On their way, Mark - greetings to George H. Ben
Would there be any chance of the Supermarket Wine Lyrics for a good friend of mine and yours, (G. Holmes)?
TTTTHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNKKKKSSSSSSSSSS Ben!!!! with that lyrics you make so HAPPY! now i can play and sing too!
"Supermarket Wine" lyrics on the way to Italy right now, Marco! Ben
hi Ben, is it possible to have the supermarket wine's lyrics? thanks... Have a great day
Hi Annette Kellie's song (Take My Love with You) will be on the new CD, which I am recording at the moment ... hopefully ready in the next month or so! Will keep you informed. Ben
When will you record the song you wrote for your daughter's wedding? It is a wonderful song! Annette
Hi Ben! Enjoyed your great concert last night in Struer! Wonderful songs and stories! Have a great time in Denmark!
I was at the Locarno concert and i came from italy to hear this great man... what a concert! A wonderful evening in the pure magic folk dream. Every song a jewel that shinin' like a national guitar, thanks for make this world a better place to sing. I bought a cd and now i've got new songs to play and sing with my guitar. The version of supermarket wine is a diamon that never stop to shine. May music bless you Ben.
After Locarno concert I bought your Better Already CD - it is really great! I will write you for more CDs! Thank you!
A wonderful concert in Locarno! You were the best! Good songs and music and fun! Come back soon to Switzerland! Petra
thanks for the nice concert and evening at Locarno; congratulation for the good music, text and entertainment!
Lovrd the recent Sands Family concert in Castleblaney. What a superb evening. The children and ourselves really enjoyed the singing and the stories. You all have the knack of connecting with the audience and making us look at ourselves in a slightly different way. How come you all just keep getting better and better. Looking forward to the next Sands Family live.
Loved the songs, the music and the stories at your recent concert with The Sands Family in Armagh ... you all seem to get better and better! Keep on keeping on! Sandra
Very nice music, u have a really good voice Ben Thank u for giving me the pleasure of listing to ur music.. Friend Always Brenda
Can you tell me the name of the sond you wrote for your daughters wedding. I cannot find this on any of your albums
Thoroughly enjoyed the Family concert at Stonehaven Festival - great music, songs and stories ... thanks!
I heard your cheesecake song on radio scotland this week and loved it where can i buy a copy on CD (also liked the one obout the hug) sheila (in Scotland)
hey Ben
what a pleasure your music is could listen all day thank you xx
Hi Ben, this is Siu Hun your tagged friend. Just want to congratulate you to all the beautiful songs and I love hearing them all over again. Wishing for your continued success and have a blessed day.
Maybe not Mick Hucknall!! but having played scrabble with you and had a look & listen to your website I'm impressed. Keep you a troshen (as they say in Norfolk)
Love the web site and music Ben .....sending it around to different people i know around the world... Keep in touch Geraldine
HI! I was wondering if you know A Brenda McGarvey that used to live in Prospect CT and put out a couple of country albums when she was young? If you could pleas help me THANK YOU Donielle
Hi Ben! Great show last night in Armagh Cathedral - and a great job as compere ... no better man! Terry and Maureen
When will you record the song you wrote for your daughter's wedding? It is a wonderful song! Julie
Regards to you and the Sands Family - we had a wonderful time at your concert in Kiel! All the best for you all! Thorsten
Thankyou for the wonderful concert on the 24.4.09 with your Family in Taunusstein. That was a very nice Concert. Your more Songs ( Zugabe) are my fafourits Songs.(ALL tHE lITTLE Childreen and Your Daughters and Your Sons) Thanks for the good Music. The Email thats my new Mail. All the best Erika
Ben, I have put several friend and relatives on to your wonderful music. I'm glad to know you and hope to get over the pond to hear you in person one day. Best wishes from the colonies.
Wish I Had a Penny its really nice songgggggg
what a wonderful irish evening at the phoenix-pub in lauffen a. N. - hope to meet you again soon someday, somewhere to listen at your wonderful songs. thanks a lot, ben. take care ! susanne
Ok, the cheesecake song is the BOMB!!!!!!! Love it!!!!
Heading to Birmingham UK to teach a Transformative Life Writing couse at Woodbrooke Quaker College. I'll be playing The Cheesecake Song as an example of a glimpse into the essence of a person in just five minutes. Big hug and thanks for all the creative risks you take. I love your poet's heart and the magnificent music. Friend and fan, Joanne Klassen, Winnipeg, Canada
hi your music is magic....lighthearted and so fun. you look pretty good yourself...hoping to visit ireland from seattle one day in the next year. take care and keep singing. diana
I love your Cheesecake Song - found it by accident on YouTube - Classic!
Hello to all ! Greetings From Poland. very Good Page !
Love your Music!
Hallo Ben,thanks for your mail.I and my man see you on the 4. april in marburg and on the 24.april in taunusstein. All the best. Erika
@ Pat Mc. Nally which song of all these wonderful songs you mean ??? Klick listen and the lyrics are "YOURS"
My husband and I both love the song ,but cannot get past the first four lines. We"d love the lyrics and would be grateful if you could email them to us. we listen and love your programme every week. Many thanks
@ Marion... You can find the Lyrics from "A hug" here at BEN's website- klick LISTEN
Please can you send me the lyrics of your song "A hug" i would love to sing it at a wee charity event! i just love it! Marion
We were completely bowled over by your performance and that of your family and friends at the City Hall Concert in Newry last Saturday! You're getting better and better! Jim & Eileen
Hi Ben, What a night, the City Hall next year will be' jammed to the rafters' when the tongues get wagging about your brilliant show!! It was great to see so many faces from around Crossan and the 'bridge.......I had John' the river ' beside me and you know that laugh of his ,do your heart good. Kellie, Ryanne,Michael and Auntie Bars were a credit to you last night, and you to them. That song about Dino I heard on Rowan Hand last would fairly test the mascara...... and my favourite the cheesecake song just has that all round feel good factor ! Unfortunately Jack had a wee doze in the middle but was wide awake for his favourite ' the hug'. Lots more sucess to you Ben, you deserve it all you always make people feel ' better already '. Love Ally.
I just wanted to tell you that your Saturday night concert in Downpatrick was one of the best nights I've enjoyed for a very long time. We all need a hug indeed - and we need more nights like that! Keep up the good work - will look out for the next one. Gerard & Eilish
Hi Kevin! Good to hear that you like "Breakfast in Bremen"! Bremen is a city in the North of Germany - where I play from time to time and where I once had a breakfast that stayed in my mind!
Hey! I heard the song 'breakfast in bremen' and i love it! is there a special meaning to bremen?
Heard you this morning on 5Fm Ben, you were a tonic, the song about Dino, blew me away, where can i get it ?
Hi Ben! You keep getting better! Marvellous night in the Market Place, Armagh. Enjoyed Maranna' set too. All the best Terry
A quick Hello to say how much I enjoyed your show last night in Armagh! A great night from beginning to end. All the best M T
Ty for sharing I have truly enjoyed listening to your music.
Hi Ben, Well Tommy made it here (Newfoundland) you are next, right? Drop me a line (if you can) at or Love your music! Ever get tired of hearing that? Don't! lol
Hi Ben I heard the Hug song being played on the Hugo Ducan radio show one afternoon in December 2008. I LOVED it straight away the lyrics are beautiful and so very very true we do need as many hugs as possible. I haven't managed to get a copy of the CD with The Hug Song yet but as soon as I'm better I plan to go&purchase one.(haven't been very well lately) My kids thought I was crazy going on about the song all the time&singing the chorous cause thats all i could remember but they have come to love it as well so now we are all fans. Hugs to you&your family.
Hi Ben and the whole family... We wish you all a saved and blessed 2009 and look forward to see you and yours somewhere - in a not so far future - but sorry I am afraid we can't come to Newry City Hall - because we are going to Lanzarote at this time ;-) let us continues stay in contakt Hugs & +++ to you all
Hi. Good site.
hi ben listened to your songs.der great,my mum would love you.proud irish woman she is.have a great new year. n will message you on tagged soon x x x
Hi Frances The fund-raising concert, "Ben Sands & Friends", for Leukaemia Research will be on Saturday, Feb 7 in Newry City Hall. It is always a great night - look forward to seeing you and your friends there! Ben
When is the next Leukaemia Concert, Ben? Some friends coming over from Scotland, I'm sure they would enjoy it a lot and would book their trip with your concert in mind! Frances
Look forward to your show with Patsy O'Hagan in The Market Place, Armagh. See you there! J and M
hi Ben, thanks for being my friend in tagged, got ur message and i listen to ur music, WE ALL NEED A HUG i like it very much. wish u all the luck and success your friend, mel
Like your sound! You know me (Lyn) from tagged. God bless you.
Enjoy the Season’s Holiday and Wishing you and your family a wonderful, Happy and Blessed Christmas Hugs from Belgium Christiane
Ben.... Simply put I think you're music is brilliant!!! Thank you my dear for sharing!!! H&K
Hello my tagged friend Ben, I like very much your song Hug because of the lyrics is so meaningful. Congratulations and wishing you more songs to come. Have a blessed day!
Good day, We attended your show yesterday ( in Ramat Hasharon- Israel). It was great pleasure listening to the songs and stories.. thanks for a delightful evening.. Ronit
We were at your performance in Meitar the other night and enjoyed every minute of it. The songs, the stories, everything. Please come back soon so we can bring more friends to enjoy this too.
Hi Ben, I heard on the radio you sing and from your heart your 'speech' at your daughters wedding and i would like if possible to purchase the cd with it on it. Can you advise.... CHEERS and WELL DONE
We enjoyed yesterday evening in Metar tremendously. Your wonderful stories and songs and your joyous performance left us smiling all the way home. Needless to say, the first thing we did when we got home, was to check out your site. The next, was to look up the words of To Morrow (a childhood favorite). We loved hearing the old songs and even more, your own creations (and singing along with them both). We look forward to seeing you here again soon. Carmi, Dave and Noam
Marvellous performances at Jacob's Ladder Festival - very memorable! HUrry back to Israel! Avi & Shari
Hi Ben Hope the Israel tour is going well. I can't imagine any brighter star coming form the East or West!. Tell Bars Austin Healy is out of Strictly. Hugs from all in Lincoln
Hi Ben It was great meeting you again and participating in your two sets at Ginnosar this weekend. Keep up your good music, wonderful stories and hopefully we'll see you back at Jacob's Ladder soon BIG HUGS from the both of us C&W
Was at The Waterfront Hall last night in Belfast and really enjoyed the concert. What a great line-up! Particularly enjoyed the contributions by yourself and Kieran Goss! Brilliant - keep up the good work! Penny (Lisburn)
Hey Ben! Thoroughly enjoyed the Christy Hennessy Tribute concert last night - especially your own songs! Many congratuliations! x Sharon
I think you and your family are mad, and should be locked up :-) I wondered if your playing in Ireland over Xmas, and if so where? luv a curious norwegian
Really enjoyed your chat and songs with Gerry Anderson this morning. You helped me to relax on a hectic day-Many thanks.
i have only just discoverd you by chance, but boy am i glad!, i think everything happens for reason,my family have our own personal ones of course, but you were ment to be in our lives at this time....thankyou ben.xx trisha.
love;ly voice and lovely music, and lovely person also.
Hi Ben Thanks for your email and keeping me informed where you are playing. I would love to meet you. I am from Leitrim and i go to belfast every 5 weeks.
Loved all the wee songs ben. Hope to get to your Show also. Best wishes Anne C From Tagged Friends... xx
Hi Ben Really looking forward to your Show in Ballymena Town Hall next month! See you there! D M
Hi Ben Haven't seen you in Bingham for a while. Looking forward to your next visit and some cheesecake.
Thank you, Ben & Barbara, on behalf of the Percy French Society, for another evening of top class entertainment at the Clandeboye Golf Club. Most certainly the Sands family are one of Ireland's musical treasures. Best wishes for continued success. Ronnie.
Your music is beautiful and has really touched me. This type of music is new to me but I have found it to now be one of my favorites. You play and sing fantasticly and your lyrics take me to a softer and gentler place, away from my busy, stressfull life :) Thank you x
Hi Ben, I first heard you sing at the Festival of the Peninsula about 3 years ago and I thought then that your singing and songs had a very special quality about them. I heard you sing again yesterday and felt the same sense of pure magic. The friend who was with me cried when you sang about your daughter’s wedding. I am a ‘blow in’ and there have been many occasions that I have felt very privileged to live here. Listening to you yesterday was one of those occasions. Best wishes ~ Rosie Davison.
wonderfull voice ben and great lyrics look forward to hearing from you love shona xxxx
what a breathe of fresh air and memories you bring - I pop over to Eire every year such a lovely great place to be............. I wish you well my friend slainte xx
Nice to meet you.. Warm SUnshine from South America.
hi ben,, your website is gr8 thanks for letting me read threw it good luck
Hello Ben, Can't wait to see you at The Flaxmill Yardfest soon. It's always great craic. Just like a secret only a few have discovered where friends for life are made. Good Luck with all your other gigs. Slán Lorraine
just dropping by, love your cheese cake. nice knowing you
just thought i would stop by and say hi, and hope that you are having a wonderful day.
Ben, Great website...and thank you for sharing such great music with the friend Amy plays with the Kathy Kalic band and they tour in Europe again thank you... bobbie
Having enjoyed all your messages on tagged, i have now read your biography, and looked at all your pics. You have a very rewarding life, i feel sure, you are very proud, and rightly soo. Ellie xx
Ben, man, You are really singin' with this web site of yours. As expected very professional and informative. Great to see you looking so well and those sandals............well, enough said!! Keep the old song writing pencil well sharpened!! Hope to see you soon. Regards to Barbara. Slainte, Doc.
An other poem about "A HUG" A hug is something That I want to share A hug is a touch To show that I care A hug is the warmth Of holding you near A hug is to show That you’ve nothing to fear A hug is for giving A hug is for two
Just wanted to drop you a wee note to say that I adore your song Hug for the T.V Ad... It is such a class song and it makes you think lots of warm thoughts and just how great hugs actually are.. I heard the song 1st and fell in love with it before Ryanne ( I went to BIFHE with her ) even told me it was her dad's.. So after that I loved it even more... Well thanks for writing such a great song.
Hi Ben Love 'The Hug' song, it has inspired my brother, my girlfiend and myself to stay in on a Saturday night and sing your song over and over again until we know the lyrics off by heart. What a great song, where can I buy it? Thanks
Hiyaa Ben :). I hadn't really listened to much, but when I first heard the 'We all need a hug" song, I fell in lovee with it :). I can't beleive i've never heard this stuff before =0, being that you are origionaly from somewhere not too far from mee =]. Awesomee! :D. Keep it up pleaseee :).
I like This site! Thanks!
yee this is nice job you are doing .....keep it up
Thank you Ben for a wonderful concert at Fiddlers Festival this year you charmed everyone (in a room full to bursting) It was lovely you were joined by your family, Barbara, Kellie, Ry and your friend from Germany for one or two numbers. Our best wishes to you all and to the organisers of the festival.
Hi Ben, Love ur music. really like the Hug song. Keep up the good work. ur music is very relaxing & I like the way it tells a story. First heard the Hug song on a persil ad & like it, then the next day on the radio someone said that it was Ben Sands that sang it so I googled it & found u. Ur site is very interesting & its good to hear ur songs. Good Luck in the future. Best wishes & God Bless. Helen.
Hi ben sands i'm Alexandra i remember u coming to my school last year in CRAIGAVON ST.ANTHONY'S P.S u wrote a song with us and it was cool but i forget it now ......sorry ........bye PRINCESS 4EVA........LOL!!!
thanks for been a friend, GOD BLESS
I love your music, your songs and your voice! So happy you did sent this site to me. Thank you very much, I love it! Wil listen to it again is late now :). I feel spoiled to get this from you! Thank you again! Greetings and with your Mom I say "Hugg" everyone needs it for sure! :) Hanke from The Netherlands
Hi Ben, Can't wait to hear the cheescake song at Rostrevor. Thanks for the music in Norway! Corrina
just listened to all your songs and love them all especially Hugs, cos i think non of us can have too many of them.
Hi Ben! Hi Barbara! Finally got to the website: it's good! See you took Norway by storm - didn't expect anything less! Thanks for making my trip back the best ever. I thought about it afterwards. No one would have thought for a second we'd only just met. That kind of experience is rare and to be appreciated. It certainly won't be forgotten. The music's great by the way. When are you next out this way?
Ben I don't know what tablets 19zz71 is on but I think I would stop taking them. Any word of a new album? Lincoln Imp
you should put your word to poetry qand make a book
Are you or the whole family going to play Liverpool in 08; we're capital of culture you know! Seen yis in Armagh in May, excellent stuff. 'Better Already' has to be one of the best songs of the 21st century. I'd ditch the sandals though. Take It easy.
Hi Ben! Just wanted to say that you all gave me the time of my life at Dag Arnes place on sunday. That was absolutly fantastic. I`m proud to say i was there! Hope you all had a nice trip home, and hope to see you again! Love your music! Terje
hi i enjoy your singing GOD BLESS U
Hi Ben! It's been a long time since we heard your sweet voice on the West Coast - when you coming back to California? Carmel
Hola daddy from sunny alcudia xoxoxox
Hi Brenda here really enjoyed the concert in Letterkenny. Nice to meet up after all those years brought me right back to Dysart happy times
Hi, I just found one of your tracks on the 'Music well' radio site and thought Id check out your site - lovely music. Im an aspiring singer/songwriter, so maybe you'll see me on there one day!
Nice to meet you in Backnang. I like your songs very much. Hope we meet again soon! Lisa
Great concert in Armagh - love the Cheesecake Song! See you in Carlingford. Mary Shaw
Thankyou,what a interesting life you & your family have led & continue to do,i enjoyed reading it & look forward to reading more of yoou & your family. TC,,,Pam
hi mr.sands, cant wait for your gig in Darmstadt / Germany. take care René
you came to my school last year in co. armagh craigivon st.anthonys ps we write a song thanks for coming
Hi Ben, My husband's grandfather was Ben Sands.Our daugher,Cecile, the genealogist, has traced the familly to Ireland. I don't think there is any connection tho as my husband Walter Lee, cannot carry a tune in a lead bucket. lol.Ket me know if you know of anything. Ben lived in New Albany Indiana,and my husband and I were born and bred across the Ohio river, in Louisville (pronounced loo uh vul)Kentucky. We live in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas now in a place called Prairie Grove. If you are ever over here, give us a ring. Good Luck in your music. Honey (Sullivan) Sands
Hi Ben. Finally I've had a look at your website and it's very impressive. Wow! you must be so fit for all those tour dates..I can't wait to listen to your songs when I'm back in civilization and broadband as we are only on dial-up here in the mountains! My very best wishes to you and your family and for a successful tour. Lukim yu wontok (see you later friend). Noels Famularo, Papua New Guinea.
It’s pleasing that, you Marian and Brian, has been there(in Nerwry) like last year… every year… that’s good to hear God bless you all
Congratulations Ben on the 3rd wonderful concert in Newry at the weekend in aid of Leukaemia Research. Yourself, your family and friends gave us night to remember. All this of course would not have happened without all the hard work Barbara did in organising the whole event.Well done and thank you to everyone. Lincoln Imp, well you missed a treat, maybe next year?
Hi Ben Sorry we couldn't all be with you at the concert yesterday evening. Hope it went well.
Hi Ben & the whole family... today is a very sunnyday - Spring arriving Germany too - slowly but surely... I’m/we are so sorry; that we couldn’t enjoy, your concert in Newry yesterday night … Our thoughts are with you all and I’m sure it was a great success for the other “Sands family” and for Leukaemia Research Give a hug to your nearest and dearest … Take care and are blessed. All the best for your time in Germany.
HI there Ben, been a fan of yours for a few years now,met at GLENFARG FOLK CLUB,over the moon to hear your beautiful music being recognised on TV.well done!"
Hi ben, just surfed by and wanted to tell you I'm definitely coming to your concert in Wernigerode. Can't wait to meet you all there again. Take care and have a great tour!
Your music is so beautiful thankyou. I would like to bring my sick friend to see you and your family on May 9th in Staffs as I know that she will so enjoy the experience. I would love to know more details about the venue - tickets/prices etc. could you please help. Thankyou for your time.
The blood-pressure is rising. We are looking forward to having you live at the 15th Yard Fest on September 13th 2008 at the Flax Mill in Derrylane/Dungiven.
very nice song, thank you for sharing:-)
wow i like your songs,i remeber my grandpa sing like u go,he just thought of funny things & start singing,& making it up as he goes,somethings we would help god bless u & your work u do for the Lord,
Hi Ben Sands, I was saw your web site,and I was hearing your song, It was wonderful. I was very happy, thanks. God Bless You Maria from Hungary
A hug a day keeps everything at bay, it is the only way to live. Everyone should do it and like in one of Joe Cocker's songs PASS IT ON .
I love the Hug song in the soap advert - brilliant song, great singer! Hope to hear you "live" some day! Tracy
Love the song put to the advert
Hi Ben Looking forward to your concert in Newry City Hall on March 29. If it is half as good as last year I"ll be well satisfied! See you then Maire
Hi Ben. Keep up the good music.....
I don't understand why we don't hear your songs on the radio.
What wonderful warm words of comfort are to be found in your music , where can I find a copy of the words of the 'HUG'.
Best Wishes for 2008 to you and your nearest & dearest.
Congratulations Benny, with all those HUGS I feel better already. We love the ad and have had your cd playing on a loop. Keep up the volume!
good to be on the web Ben congratulations with the HUG
Just bought "Better Already" and it has not been switched off for the past four hours. What a first class album- definately the number 1 in my collection. Thanks Ben.
Really enjoyed your spot on Shannonside radio, 6th January with Charlie, good music, great craic. All the best.
I love We all need a Hug. I am at work now listening to it on my IPod. I was born and raised in Scotland and now live in the States,makes me very homesick. I will be teaching this to my grand children.I make sure all my family have hugs every day. Thank you for this.
awsome... love the we all need a hug song!! WERE CAN I BUY IT? BEST WISHES FOR 2008
1 word - Legend!!
Like many others i heard your ''hug'' song on tv for an ad, i love it, gonna join your email list if thats ok. will be also looking for more of you online and elsewhere, happy new year Ben Big Hugs :) Iviewolfe
Ben I came across your web page by mistake and I AM SO GLAD I DID! your "Hug" song brought tears to my eyes and warmth in my heart. Thank you so much - I am now a fan ! Love all your music. Good luck and happiness for the future. Hugs Jilly
Hi Ben! What beautiful, heartwarming lyrics are the words to "Hug" and what a different world it would be if everyone gave just one more hug every day. We've now framed the lyrics in our home, so hopefully any visitors we receive will be inspired to do just that! Hugs away!
hi Ben, sorry, but we heard your song through an Ad on TV and was moved by the lyrics that mean a lot to my wife and I at this time of year. You have 2 more fans and we shall listen and enjoy your CD. Keep up the good work and we wish you luck now and for the future. Peter & Eve
Hi, I am your cpusin Mary's daughter, we were all up in Mcmahons in Rostrevor last night, listened to your new song and were delighted it's doing so well!! Anna
I would like to thank you for coming to our music presentation at Loughgiel out of schools club. Congratulations on the hug song we all think it is great. I hope you come next year again.
Ben, Love your huggable advert, have sent a hug message to my daughter in Australia as a christmas wish and ordered your CD with the Hug song - great !!
Ben What a wonderful ad for Imperial Leather. How clever they are to recongise real talent. I suppose no more dirty jokes! So proud to know you. Do keep the Hug going. I even heard Terry Wogan quote your words from 'Hug' Love from The (Smiling) Lncoln Imp
glad to hear you are cleaning up it couldn't happen to a better man! with best wishes JOHN AND ANGELA CONWAY
Dear Ben and all of yours The time of hugs (xmas time is starting) I saw just the advert too at www. and it brought a smil in my face... huggable snuggable also for my skin =-) all the best to you all
Loving the new advert! Heard it the other day and have been singing it ever since. I remember hearing my little neice singing it in the back of my dad's car, (Mickey Purdys car that is) and couldn't believe I was hearing it on the TV. Well done again, you put a big smile on my face.
Hi there Benedictamus Adoramus! What a wonderful success story. I saw you on UTV LIVE the other night and then heard you on BBC Radio Ulster yesterday. At last, good clean talent has been recognized. See you soon!
Hi Ben, what a success ("HUG") for you. Your great ! Big Gratulations to you for this song, you and your wonderful homepage. Susanne
Thank Goodness for the Imperial Leather advert, otherwise I may never have heard this music. Just order my first cd and can't wait to hear the rest of your music. Fabulous!
love the song hug =]
Congrats and well done!! The songs great, success well deserved!!
hi uncle..!! :-) congrats with 'the hug' and you sounded very well on 5fm today xx
Wow!!! I heard the Lincoln Imp is smiling, must have heard the new Imperial Leather advert!
Here i can't belive ur from were im from, i was watching the add and me and my friend went and were seaching the internet for this hug song fair play to ya have to say the song is class on the imperial leather advert. the best of luck Orla and Carla.
So enjoy stopping in from time/time to check out your web site and listening to your music.Such great pleasure it brings me and even at times helps me get ideas for poems I might be working on at the time.
Congrats on ur Imperial Leather ad. Well done mate! Keep up the good work
Congrats daddio xoxoxox so proud!!
Wow!!! Aren't they smart, these soap people! Everybody'll want to buy the lovely foam now! May Your wonderful music bubble on and on and on... By the way: When will we see, hear and hug You in our Rhein-Neckar-Region again?
Hi Ben, i enjoyed it very much to meet you in Cologne. I love your songs "Going To Morrow" + "Back On The Diet On Monday" Bye rr
Dear Ben, you and "your" ad keeps me busy to creating/sending hugs. I'm SO proud of/with you! Bis bald ;->
Wonderful to hear your'Hug'sound track on the new Cussons advert 'Congratulations Ben' a prize richly deserved.
Hi Ben! Thanks for the great concert in Jena! Heike
Hi Ben, Just popped in to have a listen and I must say, I love your latest stuff... Will email you later, Cheers, Mike
Hiya Daddy, fantastic news about the hug, have always been proud of you now I'm proud for you too. Love you loads K xox Huge hugs from all in Leitrim
Hi Ben. Hope all is well. I've just confirmed Your link on my website: I'm sorry it took so long. Your website is great, and Your songs too. I will look on it closer, when I'm back from job. Keep up the good music.....
I saw you in concert whilst I was visiting in ireland at the belfast lyre conference(I play the fiddle and the lyre)and I enjoyed you sooooooo much I listen to your cd all of the time, I think thst your music is awesome! Your fan, Kristen
A lengthy story... I hope you don't mind. I wanted to tell you a sweet story about you, your music and what it meant to my father....and ultimately, what it meant to all of us. My mother was in intensive care for 7 months, during which she was mostly comatose, on a ventilator. Unresponsive. Muscles contracted. Eyelids dried. It was with great sorrow we signed the Do Not Resusitate order last December. We were working at accepting the inevitable. She kept lingering. My dad would not give up. Suctioned her tubing every 15 minutes day and night. I couldn't even believe he could do that at his age. She's 80 yrs old. My father is 89. Yet, he insisted on sleeping at the hospital every night.. tending to every slight sign of life in my mom. His devotion could be the reason they called her recovery miraculous. She is home now, quite functional. To think none of us thought we'd never hear her voice again. I was there a great deal of the time. We kept looking for CDs to play... something to make my mother respond. I had my laptop. The hospital system did not allow for access to myspace. Yet I could favorite-place the stand-alone players. I bought some religious CDs... Alan Jackson had a very good one, but I didn't want her to think she was at her own funeral. Then I played your music for my dad. He immediately loved it. He wanted me to write out the lyrics for 'Better Already'. He started singing that to my mother every day. Many times, his voice stayed strong while his eyes filled with tears. It seemed to be what she liked most. It was perfect. So, you have played a significant role in our lives, whether you knew it or not. Thank you!
Take Your Time..great song. So are your others, but that song has touched myself and my special friend(krl) very much! All the best Mike Madigan
Greetings from Oakridge. Hope everything is going to plan. Bump into each other soon. Clemintine Mc Climmond
Starting from today you got a brand new fan in Romania. Listerning your music makes me feek into a journey in a fairytale land. Silvana http:\
Great!!! Congratulations! I'm an admirer of those hugging good people, too... The verse is a real heartbeat of love - may it hug its way around the world! Hug you, Ben! And sunny greetings from Ketsch :o) Cordula
Well that's just lovely Ben - I am delgithed for you. D'ye see now where huggin' gets ye - good on ye crittur! Don't stop huggin. Bugsanhisses from Germersheim
Hey dad just a wee message to say so proud of u :) love you loads xoxoxo Ry
What an honour for the Archbishop! See you soon Dave
Fair play to you Ben!! In meeting one of your greatest heroes. all the Derry best....Denis
Hope to see you again in the Braunschweig area!
Congretulations Benny, I also admire Desmond Tutu and his engagement for peace and justice. Its a great day for us all. greetings Konni Bike for Peace and New Energies NGO
Ben What an unforgettable experience it must have been to meet the incredible Desmond Tutu and what a memory for him to leave Ireland with the permanent gift of his hug in words. Well done to everyone concerned
A great story and picture of you and Archbishop TUTU! It's good to still believe in heroes. I do !
Hi Ben, Congratulations, great hug! great website, looking forward to browsing around, I love all the photos too, can see so many resemblances - see you soon Love Mary
Brilliant photo at the front page! Regards the frog
A VerySM ;-)to you all in and around Newry just I instaled a new kind of musikplayer on our PC so We can "HEAR your MUSIC" again All the best to you all.
Dear Ben, as lovers of Irish and Scottish folk music my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed your performance in Landau at Kreuz & Quer. Take care and all the best, Karin.
Thank you for nice hours and listen your wounderful music. See you again!
Looking forward to listening to your program and perhaps finding you in performance when we visit 'across the pond' next spring. I'll also be looking over here for some of the music from your featured artists so folks here can have a good listen!!
Ben I have been telling your stories to all my friends after hearing you in Downpatrick. I don't understand why we don't hear your songs on the radio. Some of them are very funny. I am looking forward to your gig at Fiddlers Green
Just to let folk know I really can spell Countries and did not copy from previous message, all the very best Ben
Right Marian… Folk from many other Countries enjoyed this evening… We - “was delighted” to be a part of these. It is good to hear that any £ come together for the Leukaemia Research Fund drop by drop = an ocean
Hello Ben, By chance I was listening to the BBC "Celtic Heartbeat" and your song "Wish I had a Penny" came on. It was enjoyed by all on the dock at Stones Marina on Vancouver Island, Canada where my Boat and home is moored. Simple, powerful and wonderful. Thank you.
Hi Ben, Thank you for the wonderful evening on Friday. It was lovely to see and hear such talent. Did enjoy the lambeg drums in particular. The whole night was amazing and I was delighted to be there. I have my ticket booked for next year.
A brilliant Concert in Newry. The first part of the evening entertainment was given by family and friends a variety of music,song, verse and exceptional lambeg drumming. Followed by your goodself, in your own inimitable style with songs,foot tapping tunes and stories. Folk from many other contries as well as locals all enjoyed the evening. We have also heard that inexcess of £1700 was raised for Leukaemia Research Fund WELL DONE to everyone who organised and helped with the concert.
Thoroughly enjoyed the Concert in Newry. Very different from last year. You have a very telented family. I hope there is one next year.
Fantastic concert in Newry City Hall, Ben. Congratulations and thanks for a wonderful evening! Brendan
Hi BEN cool website. Lovein the pics. Miss u LOADS FROM DARA
Hey ben just wanna send you greetings from germany.... best wishes Elisabeth PS: I hear your songs everday at work
Hi Ben... this Week is running... I hope you has further a good time here in germany! It was so good to see you the first time after ... Give a big hug to yours...from me and mine Rose & Peter Balzer
Have a great St.Patrick's Day, Ben. I like your "refreshed" website. Hope to see you again soon.
Hi Mr Sands, lovely music, great homepage. I´m lookink forward to meet you on stage in Erlangen. Mac
Hello Ben; I got your email and it is always nice to chat to you. Would love to meet you some time and hear you sing. Where can i catch you.
You sound good Ben. Nice website. Keep doing it. Nigel
I really like your new web page Ben. Maybe see you in Denmark !!
Great to see you and Bars in Bingham recently. Looking forward to the next time you head this way. Ps Tim the tinker man is innocent!
Ben Sitting here at work in the north of Scotland - started thinking about Thailand and St Patrick's Ball and in particular the great time I had over that week long period with Tommy and your good self. Have a great New bYear. Let's hope our paths can cross again Ian kane
Hi Ben, the best wishes for 2007. It was nice to meet you and your wife in Dundalk last Thursday. Hope to see you sometime at a concert in Germany. Best regards Ingrid
Hi Ben. It' a VERY nice website You have. I have listned to Your songs and tunes and I like very much what I hear. Maybe we'll meet on day, it would be great. all the best wishes from Denmark...
Hia Ben is this a new albumn you have out the HUG great love a hug how do you just capture the people feeling within all your songs just warm to it as its in my heart too. Got my grandfathers handmade fiddle fixed but I'm struggling I'm best at being the singer I think the Scots suppressed the wummen to be just singers and I can maybe accept that just yer wee pal Gillie Banks Bute
Nice site, Ben! I like the changes. That photo of the mountains is stunning! You're looking well, I'm glad to say. I hope to see you sometime down the road. Come back to California! I hope our mutual friend Steve conveyed my greetings to you in July.
A wonderful concert in Ketsch - come back soon! A.S.
You meet some weird and wonderful people Ben. Is that where you get your inspiration for your great songs or is their a secret source
So, Ben. I soll you nun in the end auch write. You know my English is not good. I thank you for the nice evening in Dessau and hope, we will see again. All the best wishes from Jenifer.
I'll never clean my guitar again as it sounds much better in your hands ;-))))among monkeys, eagles, elephants and pelikanes. the minute you walk in the room...we are better already
Hallo Ben ! Ich habe mich echt gefreut dich kennen gelernt haben zu dürfen.ich hoffe das mann sich bald mal wieder sehen wird,bei katjas geburtstagssesion denke ich.ich kann es dich aber auch so fragen da du ja neben lotti sitzt .sei leib gerüsst aus dessau steffen
you shouldn't allow all these strange people to leave messages in your guestbook ;-)they all pretend to sit on a couch with you...does this have a hidden meaning or do you all just have the same psychoanalyst?
Well,what can I say? You're sitting next to me on the couch so why should I write anything in your guestbook? The exchange rate for bananas and chocolate is 0:1.
Hallo Ben Wir hoffen, dir hat der Tag bei uns in Dessau gefallen. Wir hatten viel Spass und bedanken uns für deinen Besuch. Viele liebe Grüße von Steffen, Kerstin und Jenifer
Hello Ben This is Your oldest sister in law I love your web page.
Hi Ben, great to see you on the web. I hope we meet us soon in September.
Dear Ben, Your page is realy Well done - I saw the pictur and started to smil...all the best until we see us and give a hug to your whole family ... I wish I had a penny for every time I think of you all Rose
Dear Ben, thanks for your music!!!!
Enjoyed the Sands Family concert in Castleblayney very much - keep up the good work!
It was wonderful to meet you in Rostrevor and hear your concert with your Family - a true highlight of the wonderful Fiddlers Green Festival. We see you in County Down next year too, I hope - and maybe in Germany before then!
Fantastic gig at Fiddlers Green! Well done to the whole family - and John Sheahan! What a great Festival - we'll be back for more next year.
Thanks for a great concert on the Saturday of Fiddlers Green and for the friendship and warmth that flows round the festival!
Dear Ben, your website ist wonderful. Hope to see you in Germany this year! All the best for you and your family, Anja
we have to lisen to some you music somtime
Great site what I've seen so far Ben,can't wait to check out the music.
I have enjoyed yourand your family's music and songs for years - long may it continue! Any plans for a return visit to the Big Apple?
Ben I have checked your site out and loved the Wonderful Music and Beautiful Pictures. You are quite a Handsome Man! Thank you ever so much for inviting me to your site. Take care of yourself and keep the Wonderful Music Rolling - will check in on you from time to time. Hugs & Kisses, Darlene Angle
Hi Ben, I said I would check out your site & I have. I love your music & am going to buy a CD. It was good hearing from you & hope to hear from you again. Blessings! Dee
Thanks for a great night at the Chase Folk Club! It was so good to see (and hear) you again. I'm really looking forward to seeing you all at Fiddlers Green! Maggie xx
Hi Ben, Lovely site! Hope to see you here in the Galilee again soon! I'll keep that bouzouki going meanwhile...Slan, Bracha
Hi Ben. Fine website! I thoroughly enjoyed your concert in Monaghan last week - great songs, tunes and stories. Looking forward to catching up with you again soon. M P
What a wonderful concert in Ballycastle! First time to see the Sands Family all together in concert - unforgettable! Many thanks - can't wait for Fiddlers Green in July.
just checking my mail after neglecting it for six weeks, great site, you looking good, talk soon.
Great site your music you have here. Will have to see about getting some of your CD's..Ever think of coming to the US on a tour...would love to have you come to my home town.
Great site, Ben. Still hoping for one or two gigs together in autumn.... All the best, Peter
Thanks for alovely night at the Chase folk Club
Good to catch up with you again at Irvine Folk Club (every 2nd Wednesday at the Golf Hotel!). Hope the rest of your tour goes as well. Aw ra best.
Great website Ben go n-éirí leat a chara
I agree with Lotto that the photo section could do with some brush up... I do have some nice pics to add (cue: your carnival hat). Apart from that your page is "die Wucht in Tüten" ;-)
Benito, better buy a life- jacket and some flippers before summer. I don't want it to be as disastrous as last year. By the way, the photo section could be way more fun with a pic of Mr. Toilet ;-)
Warmest greetings Ben, Well done with your new site - just what Information Technology should be - full of useful Stuff - looking ahead to welcoming you back in Guisborough on 7th May - sessions are still in full swing before the Club gets under way if you feel like sitting in. Also good to see a proper Sands Family site up there. Best regards from us all @
Hi Ben,well done. Hope to see you soon in Germany again. Gaby
A nice new webside, but the wonderful photos of you and nature are not very clear. Wish you still the Best. Best regards Susanne
Hi Ben Nice site. It suits you! Looking forward to seeing you at the Davy Lamp in May Terri
Hi Ben! Nice Website! Greetings from Germany! Heike
Hallo Ben, deine Musik öffnet die Herzen und lässt uns nach Hause kommen im hektischen Leben... Danke! Liebe Grüsse von Ben Ryan, Finn David, Sabeth, Ulrike, Christian und Oma Ursel!
Great site Ben and easy to navigate. The hills are making me homesick! Love to Barbara and looking forward to seeing you on 8th May. Brenda.
colourfull... yourself... goodluck in all... Ramona
Good to see you've been keeping busy Ben - well done with the site!
Good to hear from you. Wonderful site - top notch. Keep going strong!
Hi Ben!Great improve-keep at it!Clint
Hi Ben. Very rural - nice site. Well done!
Good morning over my "usual" morning cofee here in the desert. My broomstick's still parked on the piano but thinking of renting one of those modern day vacuum cleaners for riding to Rostrevor in July. Happy "house-warming" to your new site! A long-distance humongous hug, Laurie
Hi Ben.Still as goodlooking as ever!Hope to see you end of April.Great site and great music.Do chara,Gene
Hi Ben.Great website.Pity Barbara didnt find you a pair of socks for the photo.She could of left them back afterwards.See you soon dv.Its bedtime.Time for the rosary.Slan
Great stuff Ben and goodluck with your concert in the Art centre
great site Ben, are you sure thats an Iish picture on the left,it looks like scottish heather. see you on the 10th may in scotland luv mary xx
Hi Ben, Your new site is very clear and user-friendly. Don't despair: if I can manage my site (just about), you can do the same for yours, believe me! Looking forward to hosting you next time you reach Jerusalem. All the best from Mike as well, Jill
Hi Ben Nice web page. I'll be seeing you at Fiddlers Green in July. Can't wait. Be well and continue to sing your heart. Lotsa blessings, Steve
Hi Ben nice site (do you want to build mine ?????) hope your singing and playing well when you back to Bedlington yours as aye ian
Nice one Ben, keep up the good work.
From sunny Texas (really -- we could use some of that rain) to you. :-)
Hi Ben, nice site ! Our daughter Jule ist still listening to your music. In 2 weeks she`ll have a great party for here first birthday. She was thinking about inviting you but at last she changed here mind and is now going to party with Andrea and me... ;-) We take our time (not the train to Morrow) and hope that the diet on monday after here party won´t be too suffering for us... Best regards from Stuttgart Manfred Andrea and Jule
Good work Ben - a nice tidy and efficient site. All the very best with, well, everything. Phil
Well Done! Still getting comments about your songs performed end of February at the Belfast Nashville Songwriters' Festival. Good luck with your tour dates and your new writing. Colin
Great website Ben! We love ya in Israel. By the way, is that your house on top of the hill in the photo on your home page?:-) Musically yours, Aaron
Good morning Ben, first thing I've done this morning_add a link on my own site to this wonderful site! You (and others) may test it? Unfortunately my guestbook is still out of order...see you tomorrow. Liebe Grüße Anne
Hi Ben, am I the first on your site (with my bad English ;-) )? I pressed all of the buttons and found smoething special, very nice! Look forward to see and hear !!! you in September in Germany Many greatings Christina
Hi Ben, Lovely site! Hope to see you again here in Israel and to play some more tunes with you soon! Bracha
Great! Well done Ben! "Come (the day after) tomorrow, winds are sighing.." Bis Bald! x Anne and Gerhard
Greta new site - pleased to see your getting the hang of this new technology. Fancy designing our site? Hope to see you soon. Brian
Greetings from Leipzig! New site looks really good. See you soon in Germany I hope! Maria Telfer
Great site, great music! Keep up the good work! Tom
Hea really good looking young man! The best web side ever!! Martina
Hey, looking good sir!!!! just not sure where the rest of the dates are for your tour on this side of the water? hug Mirj